What To Wear: The Boss Lady



I don’t know about you but at times I look at my wardrobe and see all the clothes and say, I have no idea what to wear! The saying that goes “less is more” is really true. If you can not see what you have because everything is crammed into your wardrobe I would say it is about time that you did some de-cluttering. I did it as it was one of my new years resolutions to be more organised when it comes to what I wear and what I have in my wardrobe in the first place.

For most women it is the challenge of what to wear to work or to a job interview. Now it all depends on what line of work you are but whether it is the fashion industry, creative arts or a corporate office job I think there are a few staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe to make that decision easier every morning. ( you might like Personal Shopping Advice click here )

Read below for what I think every woman needs for that typical day at the office or running around doing errands.


1. Pair of your favorite Jeans.

I am in the fashion industry and I am all about wearing the latest trends but I am more about wearing what brings out your authentic self. For what I do, ripped jeans are completely appropriate but if you are in the corporate world I suggest a darker jean like navy or black and maybe don’t have them be ripped.


2. The Perfect Black Bag

You can”t go wrong with a black bag. It is timeless, classic and can be both Smart and casual. If you want to take it a step further, a brief case inspired bag always says ‘Im the boss Lady in my world’ it speaks confidence and looks professional.


3. That Ankle Boot

Every woman needs an ankle boot. You can wear it throughout the year in all seasons. Again Black is a great choice and it goes with everything and creates a look of being effortlessly put together. Find that perfect black ankle boot and Your getting dressed in the morning will be that much easier.


4. Black on Black ( Blazer and Top )

Nothing says, I mean business like a Black Blazer and Black top. Like I said before It all depends on what line of work you are but I guess it goes without saying that if you are in a office job a Button up blouse or a smart black top would be perfect. If you are working in a more laid back environment a plain  Black Tee is the fit I find is best. It says I am comfortable but the blazer refines the look.





Get this look

Blazer: Woolworths

Black top: Mr Price

Denims: Levi’s

Boots: CM Paris (Zandos)

2013.11.19 KT - Touch of Madness - 73

Tami Kolbe is the brains behind Taylored Heart, a blog that seeks to equip, empower and inspired woman of all ages. It’s not just a platform to showcase fashion and show Tami’s favourite things. It’s also about showing women that if an everyday lady like herself can do this, then so can you.


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  1. Stephanie Joyce

    Yay! Love this! Thank you 🙂

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