Shaking It Off At The Cat-A-List Event

A few weeks ago, we hosted the very first Cat-A-List event of 2015. The idea of these events is to gather ladies and have unconventional ladies meetings. We occasionally incorporate tea, heels and other things ladies like, but we also like to get them to be a little bit different and a little more daring.

The theme of the event was “Shake It Off”, and there was a lot more significance than simply dancing like crazy (although, that’s fun too). The ladies were encouraged to shake off things that were holding them back. As a physical symbol of changed lives and changed hearts, we had a video booth. The ladies got to SHAKE IT OFF in front of the camera, and the result is simply magical.

I finished editing the video last week and every time I watch it, I am filled with such joy. I hope you feel the same as you see happy ladies dancing around like no-one is watching:


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