How To Be The Best Maid Of Honour Ever

Being a Maid Of Honour is a privilege and a huge responsibility. It entails far more than wearing a pretty dress and walking down the aisle. Although each bride has different expectations, here is a brief layout of what you can do to be the best Maid Of Honour ever:

best bridesmaid ever

1. Lead The Bridesmaids

As the point person of the Bridesmaids, it is your responsibility to make sure that all the girls are on the same page. You may be asked to facilitate bridal party bonding days, to make sure the girls have all had their dress fittings and bought their accessories, or you may simply want to make sure that everyone has the same goal in mind: keep the bride happy! Guests will probably be asking all the bridesmaids all sorts of questions, so it is important that everyone knows where the gifts table is, where the bathroom is, what time the photos are happening, etc.

2. Help The Bride Plan The Wedding

Depending on the bride’s personality, you may be asked to get involved in lots of wedding planning tasks, or very few. Either way, make it known that you are keen and available to help with anything the bride needs.

3. Be The Bride’s Friend

This is the most important job you will have during the engagement period. Be a listening ear, even when your bestie talks constantly about her monogrammed napkins, the flower order or hairstyle ideas. Let her tell you about her simultaneous excitement and anxiety about her wedding day.

4. Host The Bridal Shower

It would be unfair to expect the Maid Of Honour to do all the planning, hosting, setting up, cleaning up, etc of the bridal shower, so this is the perfect opportunity to get all the bridesmaids involved. However, as the Maid Of Honour, you should be the one to spearhead the planning process and make sure all the girls are doing their jobs.

5. Gifts

At the bridal shower, have a notepad and pen ready, so that you can keep track of who brought which gift. This will make it much easier for the bride to send out “Thank You” notes afterwards!

6. Host A Bachelorette Party

This is dependent on whether or not the bride wants a bachelorette party, so be sure to ask her! This usually includes the bride’s closest friends and bridesmaids, and a whole lot of shenanigans.

7. Have An Emergency Kit

If something comes up on the day, you’ll be glad to have safety pins, dental floss, painkillers, baby powder, breath mints, and anything else you can think of that will solve unforeseen mishaps.

8. Keep The Bride Fed

The bride is going to have a lot on her mind, least of which will be her food intake. Make sure she has a big breakfast and is aware of mealtimes on her big day.

9. Bring Music

While the bridesmaids are all getting ready for the wedding, have a playlist ready to keep the mood upbeat and happy (it is a wedding after all).

At the end of the day, your best friend will be so thankful to have had you by her side during her wedding planning process and on the best day of her life. Do what you can to make this day about her and to help her have fun on her wedding day!


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