Natasha’s 18th Birthday Picnic

A few weeks ago, Natasha contacted me to ask if I could plan her 18th birthday party. Hosted at the beautiful Stellenzicht, the girls sat on picnic blankets under a much needed marquee, while sipping ice tea from mason jars. The food was arranged by The Rolling Pin and guests got to fill their boxes with delicious treats from the cookie and sweet bar! The photos were taken by Amy-Grace Photography. Enjoy!

10855003_908624479189696_3350308859503002300_o 10869327_902881453097332_2483425620151354253_o 10916312_908624545856356_8907209701801160070_o 10981309_908624649189679_8329170106079690080_o 10989213_908624575856353_2088645482131015906_o 11021475_908624882522989_4030308667668459306_o 11034413_908624672523010_1598312300312148204_o 11039253_908624629189681_4246571901204523115_o 11041863_908624532523024_5475406389148248674_o 11045332_908624502523027_6196555201514667570_o 11046188_908625842522893_5245762500077220694_o

Of course, there were also hugs, laughter and smiles, which were beautifully captured by Amy-Grace Photography:

1799159_902882423097235_1911741272378660950_o 10365310_908626909189453_4564300101186968927_o 10467044_902881476430663_5398370858735454800_o 10497318_908624142523063_4414786280881663424_o 10835046_908628465855964_1730444864256613006_o 10860925_908628042522673_7618137835006194179_o 10986444_902881576430653_7351258366653566749_o 10998653_908629012522576_7873158421587195594_o 11014986_908624172523060_1942984322033871309_o 11037662_908626465856164_769354164036731264_o 11043267_908624995856311_1127507910949873745_o 11043301_908626375856173_7178818602034433796_o 11054372_908624965856314_589886686697277669_o 11066818_908625605856250_7789368574111928887_o



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