How to RSVP to a wedding

So, you’ve received a wedding invitation and you’re very excited to be attending! Don’t forget to RSVP so the bride and groom know you’re coming. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Follow the instructions on the invitation

Generally your invitation would have come with an email address, phone number or website address. Follow the instructions and make the call, send the email or visit the website.

Don’t think you’re the only VIP guest. You may see the couple every week, but an informal “I’ll be there” simply isn’t good enough. RSVP formally as instructed on the invitation. Don’t add to the wedding planning admin by being that person.

Step 2: RSVP in good time

Some invitations come with a deadline and some don’t. Generally, if a couple hasn’t heard from you a month to three weeks before the wedding they’ll come looking for your RSVP. Save them the trouble by sending through your RSVP as soon as you possibly can, even if you think you are super eager.

Step 3: RSVP for the number of guests that were invited

If your invitation says “Dear John” that definitely means that John is the invited guest. Unless otherwise stated, John should not assume that he can bring his new girlfriend. If the invitation says “Dear Jacqui and Joseph” that means there will be two seats reserved for Jacqui and Joseph and not an additional seat for their new baby.

If you are unsure, just ask. Most brides and grooms won’t mind clearing things up for you. Rather that than have you arrive with a stranger that isn’t on their list.

Step 4: If you don’t know, just ask

If there is anything you are unsure of [is this invitation for me only? Am I invited to the ceremony only or can I come to the reception?] just ask. If you feel too uncomfortable asking the bride and groom, compare your invitation to someone else’s or ask a family member or someone from the bridal party.

Whatever you do, just RSVP.


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