Our Wedding Cake Table

Yes, we had a cake table. When you have so many cake flavours that sound amazing, why choose one when you can choose five?

Our incredible friend, Seline, had the idea to create a cake table with all sorts of amazing flavours and we loved it! We met with her over lunch one afternoon and she showed us photos of previous cakes she’d made and we loved every single idea she had.

Fast forward to the week before our wedding… Seline spent three full days making cakes, biscuits and icing in Glen’s parents’ house while we gathered all our decor and did all our last minute wedding things. Along the way, we got to have little tasters of the icing and cakes and we were over the moon!

Seline also happens to have a new website up and running, where you can have a look at the food she has prepared and get in touch with her! You can find her website here or you can just email her at info@esbyseline.co.za.

Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-128Seline suggested the flavours and we chose our favourites. This is what we ended up having:

1. Dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache (our main cake)

2. Vanilla and Rosewater cake with blobs of Turkish Delight

3. Coffee cake with a Buttercream icing

4. Peanut butter and chocolate cake with white Italian meringue

5. Vanilla and caramel popcorn cupcakes

And if your mouth isn’t watering enough, have a look at the photos:

Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-126 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-127 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-129 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-130 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-460Glen and I chose to cut the cake right after our ceremony and share all the deliciousness with our guests to kick off the celebration!

Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-453 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-454 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-458Wedding tip: Ask your bridesmaid/mom/co-ordinator to put a slice of cake into a box (or in our case, a slice of each cake) and put it in your car. That way, you can take it with you on honeymoon and enjoy the cake without having to worry about spilling it on your dress or getting pieces of chocolate stuck in your teeth. That’s exactly what we did, and we really got to enjoy our cakes over cups of coffee and glasses of champagne while relaxing in our hotel room. That’s the dream, isn’t it?


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