My Wedding Dress & Accessories

Us girls spend a lot of time getting ready on a normal day. So why should a wedding day be any different? I really love my wedding dress and all the little accessories that complemented it and I would love to share some photos and stories about how it all came together:


My lovely friend and Maid Of Honour, Kelly, is a makeup artist. As one of her gifts to me, she did my makeup on my wedding day. It was such a special time and I am so happy with how she made me look. Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-4Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-191


Another lovely friend, Nicole, is an incredible hair stylist. Two weeks before my wedding she dyed my hair a little bit darker and we had a trial. I absolutely loved that my hair was a neater version of its natural waviness and Nicole made me feel so great!

Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-47 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-53 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-54

The Gold Leaf Headpiece

One of the decor touches we had throughout the ceremony and reception was gold leaves. I continued the theme with this gold leaf headpiece I bought at Forever New. It was the very first thing we bought for our wedding and it really set the tone for our decor and stationary.

Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-89The Gold Leaf Bangle

Continuing the theme of gold leaves, I found this beautiful bangle at a wedding expo earlier this year.



You know that feeling of nostalgia you get when you smell sunblock? It has this way of bringing back memories of fun times on the beach and by the pool. Well, soon after I got engaged my mom gave me this beautiful perfume. I wore it each time Glen and I went out venue hunting and whenever we sat down to do wedding planning. We had a lot of fun planning our wedding and the idea is to have memories of those times come back whenever we smell the perfume.


My Bouquet

All the girls had the same bouquets, mine was just a little bit bigger. Glen’s mom took my very simple idea and put together my dream bouquets! They are made up of beautiful Eucalyptus leaves, tied together by pink ribbon.

Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-9 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-563

My Veil

Another lovely friend (I know right – how blessed am I?) and bridesmaid, Rochelle, is a talented fashion designer. She made my veil out of champagne coloured material we bought at a fabric store. I tried on a few veils in different lengths and styles and there wasn’t anything I particularly liked, so I told Rochelle to just turn the material into a veil (every designer’s nightmare) and what she created was absolutely perfect.

Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-272 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-345

What Kept Me Warm

I wasn’t particularly keen on buying a cardigan and throwing it over my beautiful wedding dress, essentially hiding everything I love about it. So, while I was veil hunting, I ended up finding the perfect calf-length lace shawl at Forever 21. The off-white colour worked perfectly with the colour and style of my dress and it kept me warm on a chilly Autumn evening.

Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-672The Dress

Girls spend months looking for the perfect dress. I had a secret Pinterest board, of course, and I looked at quite a few wedding dress websites hoping to find something. I had a lot of ideas of what I didn’t want (white, something Princessy, strapless, anything poofy) and a couple of ideas of what I did want (blush pink, something lacey, some tulle, something comfortable). With those guidelines in mind, I tried on dresses and didn’t really find anything suitable. Then, one day while I was out shopping with my bridesmaids for their dresses, we walked into a clothing store and I spotted my dream dress. It isn’t a wedding dress but it ticked all the boxes and I bought it right then and there!

Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-611 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-615 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-622 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-624 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-625 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-631 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-650


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